Push bike ride (or walk /drive)  3 km out to the British Mine and take and underground tour of Carmen’s Tunnel.

Additional charge for this activity: $3.30  for child or adult

This tunnel was commenced around 1882 by the Great International Quartz Mining Company, as an attempt to drive a tunnel right through Mt Tarrangower, intersecting the rich gold-bearing reefs that had been mined previously from shaft type mines on the mount. Work was abandoned at the end of 1884 after progressing only around 600meters. No gold bearing rock was cut, but the tunnel gives an excellent insight into the mining techniques of the 1880s. The tunnel was opened to the public in 1964 by the Maldon Progress Association and is operated today by a Committee of Management.

The tunnel was driven through solid rock in the search for gold by the Great International Quartz Mining Company between November 1882 and December 1884. It is known locally as “Carman’s Tunnel” from the gully in which it is located.

The 570m (1870ft) long Tunnel is dry, clean, spacious, level and easily accessible to all ages. Wheelchair friendly.

More information can be found here.