Dixon Wedding Guest

Dick and I want to thank you for a most fabulous wedding experience.  We have talked of very little else since and, every time we look back on the events of the Maldon weekend, our memories just keep on getting better.  It was wonderful in every way. We loved everything about Maldon.  It really was an amazing place…so interesting and such a great place to choose for the wedding.  Katie and Roh had obviously put so much thought into all their plans and everything worked out perfectly.  We loved the Kangaroo Hotel….can’t get more authentic than that!  The wedding itself was magical and we felt so privileged to witness two such truly lovely people making their commitment to each other.  Needless to say, Dick was in his element on the steam train!  There were so many highlights….Katie in her beautiful dress, Laura looking stunning, the speeches, the dancing, the delicious food….the list goes on and I haven’t even got to the rescue BBQ and pizza night yet!   It was all a most wonderful experience and we are so glad that we were able to be there.