The Blue Light Heart of the Goldfields Run/Walk event provides a breath-taking environment on the challenging trails and tracks of Maldon and Mt Tarrengower. The undulations provide the necessary challenge if you can take your focus away from the panoramic views and historical landscape. In the 2019 event there will be three event options in its inaugural year and it 2020 an ultra-marathon will be likely added to introduce the Nuggetty Ranges and the trails from Maldon to Muckleford and surrounds.

The terrain is a mixture of dirt tracks, single trails, a copy of easy to navigate obstacles, open grassed areas and the obvious undulations. As we are in the goldfields some areas are a little rocky so racing flats would not cope. Trail shoes are preferred but well-cushioned running shoes will be also adequate to meet the event demands. Start & Finish Location – Bill Woodfull Recreation Reserve, Maldon – Map Link

The table below provides you details about each of the events.

To enter for any of the events please click on the button below. Once entering the online entry program will allow you select the event you would like to enter.

Event Features Blue Light Heart of the Goldfields Adventure Blue Light Mt Tarrengower Adventure Blue Light Mini Tarrengower Adventure
Distance 18km 9km 1.5km
Date of Event 8th September 2019
Event Briefing time 7.45am 7.50am 8.05am
Event Time 8.00am 8.10am 8.20am
Presentation 11.30am 11.30am 9.30am
Age Eligibility 16 years + 11 years + No age limit. Adults may run with their child.
Race Start & Finish Location Bill Woodfull Recreation Reserve Maldon    Click here to view a map
Parking Parking is available at the start and finish location. Drive into the recreation reserve via Francis Street.
Entry Fee
(note a small fee will be added for the online registration partner – see below*)
·      $52 up to 15/8

·      $63 up to 5/9

·      $75 on the day

·    $35 up to 15/8

·    $44 up to 5/9

·    $50 on the day

·      $10 up to 15/8

·      $13 up to 5/9

·      $15 on the day

How to enter Click on the button above the table to enter online. If entering on the day in any event this may be completed between 7.00am and 7.40am.
Online entries close 11.59pm on September 5, 2019
Event bib collection Bibs will not be mailed out and are available from 7am to 7.45am on the event day.
Awards Medals for 1st, 2nd & 3rd in each event age group/gender
·      16-39·      40-54·      55+
Medals for 1st, 2nd & 3rd in each event age group/gender
·      11-39·      40-54·      55+
Medals for 1st, 2nd & 3rd in each event age group/gender
·      0-9·      10+
Finishers Award All finishers will receive a medal All finishers will receive a medal All finishers will receive a participation ribbon
Course Map and Characteristics The course will cover all 4 sides of Mt Tarrengower. From dirt tracks, rocky trails, single trails, grassed areas, volcanic rock formations and a couple of easy to navigate obstacles provides an adventure that will be unforgettable with the 360 degree panoramic views during your event. The course is undulating, technical in parts with the major climbs at the 8km mark and 11km mark. Click below this table for our interactive map for further information. The course will follow the 18km event to the beautiful Northern side of Mt Tarrengower before making an earlier exit up the western side to Mt Tarrengower Rd. You then make your way between 5km to the 7km mark to the summit before finishing with a steep 2km decline on Fountain Track to the recreation reserve.  Click below this table for our interactive map for further information. The course will follow the others up Fountain Track, turning right to the water tank near the Adair Track.  Click below this table for our interactive map for further information.
Toilets Toilets are in these areas:

·  Start and finish line

·  Butts Reserve 2km mark

Only at start and finish line
Event timing and results Each participant will receive a timing chip in their race bib. Results will be published within 24 hours on the event website. Participants will be provided an event bib. Results for this event will be manually recorded.
Drink Stations We will not be providing cups or water bottles. You will need to bring and carry your own hydration container. Items like a hydration vest, fuel belt, collapsible cup, soft flask or handheld bottle. We make every effort to keep the event environmentally friendly and reduce litter. Water stations to top up your own water will be available at least every 5 km’s. Top-up water will be available at the finish. At these stations there will be also some lollies but no sports drinks. No water on the course but there will be water available to top up your own water bottle at the finish.
Spectator Viewing Number of areas to consider:

·  Butts Reserve camp ground.

·  Mount Back road (the runners will run on the trails that run parallel to this road)

·  Top of Mt Tarrengower

We recommend you drive along Mt Tarrengower Rd to Butts Reserve. Then to the top of the mountain. After getting to the top everyone will need as much encouragement as possible. Be wary of runners/walkers though making the Mt Tarrengower Rd crossing Anywhere around the Recreation Reserve
First Aid and Safety There will be a number of qualified first-aiders on hand at the event.  The course even though it has amazing views and scenery has ground in parts very uneven as we are in the goldfields with the course in parts very technical. We highly recommend participants take a roll up bandage, roll up jacket if weather dictates and mobile phone. If you see someone is injured or at risk then assist them and alert the nearest drink/aid station. There is also a no dogs policy on the event course as there are areas of single trail. All participants must follow the directions of event staff or Parks Victoria.
Course Marking The course will be clearly marked with dome hats, signage or flags. In some areas the long distance and middle distance event will split off so please read course signage or you may run a lot further or shorter than the event you entered. In some areas of the course on a continuous track or trail there will be very few cones so do not turn off the path you’re on. In other areas where there is no clear resemblance of a trail there will cones placed continually along the course. It is crucial you stick to a tight line near these cones as in some course areas you are going to see mine diggings just metres away from the course line marked with the cones. Additionally the cones in some areas will mark the smoothest and safest route even though there may be more than one way to run the course. You can be assured that the event will take you the most scenic areas of the mountain if at all possible.
Music Devices We do not recommend music devices like an ipod. Some areas of the course are single trail, fire trails, tracks or through open areas and therefore having an awareness of others participants and your environment is imperative.
Personal Belongings The start and finish line is the same location so we recommend locking valuables or warm clothes in your vehicle.
Changing events You can change events but a new race bib relating to that event will need to be issued. No refund will be provided if you are changing to a shorter distance event.
Event withdrawal prior to event day If advised prior to the 1st August 2019, 50% of your race fee will be refunded.
Event withdrawal during the event Inform the nearest aid station immediately if you do not intend to complete the course. Alternatively advise the event timekeepers before you leave. It will save us looking for you at the end of the event or waiting for you to finish.
Insurance Public liability is in place for the event but this does not cover medical expenses of the participant or any costs to recover them for any other reason. We suggest competitors have up to date ambulance coverage and if they have first aid requirements advise this in the entry form or have medical aids with stakeholders they know at the event.
Food at the event There will be a BBQ at the start/finish line. We will also be only a short distance (400 metres) from the main street of town where there are two hotels and several eateries that will be also open. Note that the Maldon Market will also be within 250 metres of the finish line as it runs on the second Sunday of the month. An IGA supermarket is also in the main street.
Cancellation If for any reason outside the control of the Race Director the event is cancelled e.g. flood, dangerous winds etc, the event date will be changed. Note that the event is being held outside of bushfire season so the risk is extremely low. In the case of the event being cancelled and set to another date there is no refunds available.
Conditions of Entry Conditions of entry for all events

* Register Now is our online race entry processor. They charge a processing fee of 3% of the race entry amount and will add a cardholder surcharge fee as well as follows: Paypal 1.25%, American Express 2.15%, Visa Credit 1.11%, Visa Debit 0.66%, Mastercard Credit 1.10%, Mastercard Debit 0.60% e.g. If race entry is $55 paid by a Mastercard Debit , the processing fee will be $1.65 plus the surcharge fee of $0.33.

18 km Course Graphic – click on graphic below to be taken to interactive map

Elevation Profile - 18km


9 km Course Graphic – click on graphic below to be taken to interactive map

Elevation Profile - 9km
Elevation Profile - 1.5km