Blue Light Victoria was established in 1976 and now has over 35 branches operating across Victoria. Our programs focus on crime prevention, specifically on identifying and addressing the needs of young people, including those at risk of engaging in antisocial behaviour or criminal offending. We provide education, crime reduction, life skills coaching, and host cultural, social and sporting programmes for youth aged between five to 18 years. Our initiatives capture a broad range of young people, including vulnerable young people and those at risk of offending or victimisation, as well as Indigenous and culturally diverse young people of all genders.

The BLAST (Blue Light Alternative Strategy for Teenagers) program uses a strengths based model to provide young people with skills to begin to address several risk factors
identified in Silburn’s (2003) Developmental Pathways Model including those of poor problem solving skills, negative thinking patterns, low self-esteem, school and learning difficulties and peer problems. The program is implemented over a 3 day camp and incorporates a mix of structured activities that aim to build resilience, self-confidence, team work and problem solving skills as well as time to relax and participate in activities that allow for natural conversations to evolve around any worries and questions that young people may have.
Many of the risk factors associated with violent and antisocial behaviour among young people are known to be modifiable which means that effective prevention and early intervention can prevent or substantially reduce these behaviours and the personal,
family and social consequences that flow from them.

The BLAST program is undertaken in close partnership with Victoria Police and Community organisations in the participants local area and is generally aimed at improving outcomes for youth at risk.

If you are interested in participating in this program please contact the Blue Light Operations Manager at for more information.

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