Camp Accommodation

Offering bunk style accommodation for up to 111 guests in 10 separate units. Each unit has its own bathroom, air-conditioner and refrigerator. Central heating throughout the facility ensures there are no cold nights.

Room configurations vary and can accommodate a variety of needs and numbers. Talk to our staff to discuss how we can best accommodate your school or group to ensure that your visit to camp is well organised and great fun for everyone. Details of the number of beds in each unit are listed below the photo.

The building itself was modeled to replicate the Derby Hill mine site that once operated in the gold-rush era.

All of our buildings and ground floor units are wheelchair accessible and our bathroom facilities are wheelchair friendly. We have many special needs community groups that have stayed for a number of years.

Additionally, we have a commercial kitchen, dining room, conference room and self-catering kitchen as well as many other activities on offer.

Beds in each unit
  • Unit 1 – 13 beds
  • Unit 2 – 12 beds
  • Unit 3 – 8 beds
  • Unit 4 – 12 beds
  • Unit 5 – 6 beds
  • Unit 6 – 12 beds
  • Unit 7 – 8 beds
  • Unit 8 – 20 beds
  • Unit 9 – 9 beds
  • Unit 10 – 10 beds

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About Us

We are a not-for-profit school camp located in Maldon, Victoria.


Address: 16 Phoenix StreetMaldon, VICTORIA 3463


Office hours: 9:00am – 5:00pm Telephone: (03) 5475 2033Email:

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