Having delicious food is an important part of any experience. Our catering options are made up of home cooked, great tasting meals…with some delicious treats as well. Kids visiting camp will be hungry from the amount of energy they will be using, our aim is to please them and get them coming back for seconds.

The catering team at camp can provide you the options of:

  • fully catered where we prepare all meals
  • partly catered where we provide set meals as agreed upon.
  • you self-cater using our self-catering kitchen.

Our catered meals are inviting, nutritious, generous and adaptable to the preferences of all types of different school camp or community groups, as well as to the special needs of individual participants when needing to adapt to intolerance’s and allergies.

We manage all dietary requirements and special needs.

Diabetics, Gluten Free, Lactose Free, Fructose Free, Halal Food…etc

Nut Policy

Blue Light Youth Camp maintains a policy of no obvious nut or nut derivative ingredients (e.g. Peanut oil, Almond meal) in any food items provided. We also request that guests do not bring any food items which may contain nuts or nut derived ingredients.

The Commercial Kitchen

We can fully cater your camp with nutritious meals prepared in our commercial kitchen and served in the large dining room.

The Self-catering Kitchen

If you are looking to save on costs, we also have the option for groups to self-cater. Our self-catering kitchen was built in 2017 and contains 2 ovens and plenty of work space for everyone to get involved in the cooking process.

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