The Victorian Blue Light Youth Camp is a facility not just for schools and at risk youth.

Over the years the camp has attracted many group or clubs visits that are looking at bunk style accommodation and other terrific facilities for entertaining any age group.

Being located just 100 metres away from the main street of Maldon we are in the heart of town and its historical building and unique shops. The street scape changing very little from the 1800’s and early 1900’s that it was named Australia’s First Notable town (see photos below).

Furthermore the camp is overlooked by Mt Tarrengower, The Nuggetty Ranges and just 11km from Cairn Curran Reservoir. The areas is synonymous for great walking tracks and trails, amazing views, spectacular volcanic rock activity, mine ruin and diggings and its flora and fauna (see photos below).

It makes Maldon and the camp an ideal location for a weekend away for clubs and groups to assist building comradeship, new friendships and have loads of fun. With our newly renovated self-catering kitchen your weekend away can be affordable.

Just a sample of clubs or groups that may find Maldon a perfect location could include:

Walking/Hiking clubs – the camp can organise walks of different lengths from 1 hour to 10 hour walks and anything in between of Mt Tarrengower and the Nuggetty Ranges.

Photography groups – as mentioned on this page, Maldon gives you everything. Historical buildings and the beauty of the ranges that overlook the township.

Pre-season sporting club camps – fitness is normally associated with pre-season as well as getting to know your teammates. The camp environment will foster team morale and activities that we can even arrange will see hopefully the players improve at their next time trial or beep test. There is a football ground and netball court in town and the camp also has its own sand volleyball court, basketball court, 9 metre rockwall and own 800 metre track all on site.

Geocaching groups – there are a number of geocaches around Maldon and the camp has been pro-active in putting more geocaches around the town and ranges close-by. We’ve now had several groups even do geocaching on bikes.

Athletics Clubs/Running Groups and Cross Country Events – see the link here as we can especially cater for your groups down to getting the permits required with Parks Victoria.

Yoga Groups – our beautiful gardens or conference room makes an ideal location for those wanting to relax in the serenity of Maldon.

Birthday Parties – the camp can host birthday parties with all our facilities and activities on offer suitable for many age groups. Contact for more information.

Kids sporting team break-ups and presentation – we have the facilities and activities to make your break-up for your club one to remember.

Church groups – the camp has played host to many church groups over the years and Maldon is the ideal place to interact with each other in group activities.

Arts and crafts groups – Maldon has arts and crafts shops, antiques and the like. Our conference room makes a great place to practice. Alternatively, the township and mountainous landscape provides plenty to sketch or paint something to remember.

Music groups – the camp has two large rooms to practice and from past groups that have stayed here the rooms available are great for sound quality.

Work Training – a conference room is available for employers to take training sessions away from the office or worksite in relaxing Maldon. A projector, projection screen, speaker system, whiteboard is all available. You can cater yourselves or we can do it for you.

Attending sporting tournaments – is your team attending a sporting tournament in Bendigo or Castlemaine and you want everyone staying together. We are not far from both of those larger towns who hold regular events from time to time.

Leadership camps – you can arrange the activities or we can or a mixture of both. Maldon provides a different perspective to a big city or town and many times over has provided the participants an opportunity to shine in a different environment.

Special Needs groups – Many groups with special needs find the safe environment of Maldon a huge benefit to their experience. Our staff are experienced in dealing with special needs requirements and accommodating groups and the activities required to meet your objectives.

Fitness/Personal Trainers – want to your members on a challenge then Maldon is the place. Mt Tarrengower, Maldon and the camp provide a wonderful opportunity to fully test your members mental and physical strength. They may not even realise they worked so hard in the tranquil settings.

Bike groups – the camp has over 200 bikes and an abundance of areas to ride. The Maldon to Castlemaine Rail Trail and the tracks around this are suitable for riders of all ability. Maldon to Castemaine is 18km or to Muckleford is 10km. If you do not want to make the return trip then jump on the steam train (only runs certain days). For the more adventurous you have the mountain bike trails and dirt tracks of Mt Tarrengower where the National Championships have been held.


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