9 Metre Rockwall (Climbing or Bouldering)

The 9 Metre rock wall with 4 sides provides an experience to remember. The mental and physical challenge and reward to get to the top is a great way to improve self-esteem. It is also though the assistance the climber gets from those on the ground in where to place feet and hands that utilizes an opportunity for a vast arrange of leadership skills to be on display.

Cost: $7.70 per person for climbing. The bouldering is free.

Availability: Doing this as a rotation with another activity works best. The wall has 4 sides so groups of around 16 work well in giving everyone a rest.

Equipment: The camp provides all safety equipment, ropes and utilizes an auto belay system to assist with greater safety measures for the full climb. With bouldering no ropes are required as climbing is normally done horizontally around the wall close to the ground (a guide line is on the wall for bouldering where the participant is not allowed to go over).

Camp Staffing: There must be a qualified camp staff member for the climbing activity to ensure all ropes and harnesses are locked in correctly. If bouldering only this activity will be group leader driven.

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